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Climate conditions in the development zone


The northeast of Shenyang City enjoys flat topography, abundant sunshine and moderate rainfall and temperature. It belongs to semi-humid season climate influenced by the monsoon in the North Temperate Zone.

Temperature: The annual average temperature is 8.1℃, with the average temperature in winter being -9.1℃ and that in summer being 22.3℃.

Rainfall: The annual average rainfall is 685.1mm, with the months of June, July, Aug. and Sept accounting for 70% of the annual rainfall.

Relative Humidity: The average is 65% and mainly ranges from 57% to 72%.


Terrain & topography conditions and resources in the development zone


The terrain of the development zone is flat, with average altitude of 60m, higher in the south and west and lower in the north and east.

The development zone is near the center of Shenyang City. The field stratum is clayey and sandy with gravel soil. Partial sections are covered by thin impurity fill. From the top to the bottom, in sequence, they are: impurity fill, silt clay, grit, round gravels and gravel sand.


The earthquake-proof prevention intensity of the site is Seven, and the category of construction site is Ⅱ.

The groundwater source is mainly from atmospheric precipitation and lateral supply of the Pu River. The groundwater and surface water are not corrosive to concrete structures, but they are slightly corrosive to steel structures.

There is no water body but only a relatively small drainage ditch on the ground surface of the development zone; in the east, there is a small river named Huangnihezi, which runs from the north to the south.




Quoted from official site of “Shenyang-EU Economic Development Zone”

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