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Phase 1 of the Park consists of 18 independent and modern standard plants (9 with 48m span and 9 with 36m) and a 3-storey park management center. The plants are single-storey and partially divided into two floors internally. The structures of the plants are made from light steel, with eave height of 6.6m or 8m, which allow the plants to be bright and spacious. The gross floor area of the plants range from 2,600m2 to 6,000m2 each to meet needs of different enterprises.

Heating: There is heat exchanging station in the park, and heating interfaces have been reserved for service in each plant. Terminal facilities for heating are installed by the clients according to their own requirements.

Water Supply: There are water-supply interfaces reserved in the plants; secondary-boosting pumping stations are built up in the park

Draining: The interfaces have been reserved for sewage and the pit pipes are installed.

Electricity: Independent box-transforming power system has been introduced into the general indoor distribution cabinet. Tubes have been embedded as designed for the lighting system; Tenants are responsible for installing the lighting control cabinet, cables, and lights.

Firefighting: Indoor and outdoor hydrants are installed.

Telecommunications: The park is equipped with a communications center with total capacity of 500 ports; fiber optics is led to the park and 10 pairs of lines are reserved in each plant.

Heavy Current: Power for each plant building is supplied by box-type substations at the capacity of 500KVA or 630KVA

The park has concentrated landscaping areas, comprehensive supporting facilities, clearly-defined functional areas, convenient transportation, superior geographical location and professional property management. Foresight Industrial Park is the best option for businesses looking to establish in Shenyang.

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